Carol Valley Railroad

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Carol Valley Railroad

 Welcome to the Carol Valley RR site.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

The current layout was started in January of 2008, and was running in the spring of 2010.  The layout is now 99%  finished and we started running op sessions about a year ago.  I will add more to this site as I find the time.

 I use Lenz DCC system to power the railroad.  All of the engines have sound, as of now there are 12.   We have gone back to the card routing system from Micro Mart since the JMRI has proven not to work on the layout. We normally have 2-4 operators on a session night.  It usually lasts about 3 hours, since our goal is to have fun.  We can run 9 trains per session,  being mixed freight, locals,coal, extras and the passenger trains.

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We are now on Facebook:  Carol Valley RR